'Emily in Paris' Nautical Popup

Learn How To Decorate Your Own Nauti Party Here

Naughty Girl celebrated our 3-year anniversary by hosting a party inspired by the French Riviera. There were nautical touches, a Parisian-inspired café, and live entertainment. 

Guests were able to shop the new Emily in Paris Collection, choosing pieces that will allow them to relive this theme over and over again.

Like any good event, you have to set the scene. This is done through 3 key elements: decor, food, and entertainment.

Keep reading to learn how to plan a nautical event that's sure to cause a splash!

The Decor

A nautical theme has red, white, and blue tones as well as beach-inspired imagery.

Simply adding a nautical touch, like these ship wheels, can get you off to a great start.

Shop Ship Wheels

You can add themed throw pillows to any piece of furniture to instantly transform it.
These red and white striped pillows add nautical flair to the patio furniture around the pool.

Don't underestimate the power of a fresh floral arrangement! It livens up the space and adds a pop of color.

Don't be afraid to add something nautical to your arrangements like this wooden sailboat decoration.

Shop Sailboats

Another way to dress up your existing furniture pieces is to use a fishing net as a table cloth.
Add some shells for a beachy touch.

Nothing screams nautical quite like the iconic look of a lighthouse.
Use a lantern to hold a candle and you have both decor and mood lighting.

Shop Lanterns

Shop the Seashell Gel Candle

Don't forget to use napkins, plates, and straws that are themed.
If you can't find a pattern that matches, use solid nautical colors like navy and red.

Shop Nautical Napkins

Little details add a special touch to your event, and guests are sure to appreciate them.

You can use charms to dress up wine stems and jars, like our brass ship wheel charms. 

Shop Straws | Shop Ship Wheel Charms

Shop Nautical Party Supplies

The Food and Drinks

What's a party without food and drink!? Since this nautical party had Parisian influences, there was a Paris Café where guests could grab a cup of coffee or a pastry. You'll notice that the café has more floral touches but still carries nautical inspiration like seashells.

Shop Floral Napkins

Shop Food Cups

If you want to add a custom touch to your café, order pastry bags with your name on them.

Shop Floral Plates | Shop Blue Glass Jar

Don't forget to create a spot for your guests to sit while they enjoy their coffee and pastry!

Want to really take your party to the next level? Have a waiter serve your guests while they enjoy the decor and some music. That will be an experience your guests won't forget!

The Entertainment

I love providing entertainment at all of my events. We had a cabaret performer, a custom fragrance-making station, a flower booth, and more.
Don't forget to create a playlist that goes with your theme. It's all about creating the environment. If you're doing a French Nautical theme, try my Sultry French Playlist.

 The Outfits

If you have anyone working the event, make sure they dress in the theme. Encourage your guests to dress up as well. Outfits and costumes are an easy way to carry the theme throughout your entire event.

Shop the Top | Shop the Shorts

Shop the Captain's Blazer

Shop the Beret | Shop the Dress

Shop the Emily in Paris Collection


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