Naughty Girl Visits Newport, RI

In the heart of New England, with historical charm and coastal allure, Naughty Girls Sienna, Jordan, and Bianca embarked on a journey to Newport, Rhode Island.

From the Gilded Age mansions lining the shores of Newport, our week-long escapade promised nothing short of glamour and adventure. Join us as we remember our trip, adorned in outfits by Naughty Girl.

Blush Lace Dress

The Chanler Hotel

We spent the week at The Chanler, nestled on the famed Cliff Walk. The Chanler Hotel provided the perfect blend of history and modern comfort.

Each room at The Chanler is a masterpiece, complementing the overall grandeur of Newport. The Naughty Girls felt right at home in this lavish haven, surrounded by breathtaking ocean views.


Exploring Gilded Age Mansions

Newport is synonymous with the Gilded Age, a period of opulence and excess. The Naughty Girls took a step back in time as we explored iconic mansions, including The Breakers Mansion and The Marble House.

The intricate architecture, lavish interiors, and sprawling gardens provided a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyles of the elite during the turn of the century. Can you believe these mansions were once someone's vacation homes? 

Open Front Coat

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White CamiOpen Front Coat | Marin Shorts

Sight Seeing & Going Out

In between mansion tours and sailing escapades, the Naughty Girls explored the charming streets of downtown Newport and lounged on the beach. The historic cobblestone pathways were lined with boutique shops, art galleries, and quaint cafes. 

Sailboat Adventures

The Naughty Girls embarked on a private sailboat adventure.. The wind in our hair, the smell of the salt air, and the picturesque views of the coastline were perfect for showcasing our nautical collection.

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