Tips For Living Naughty

Imagine your home is a 5-star hotel. The moment your lover steps through your front door, you make them feel special, desired and indulged.

Creating the perfect pleasure pad, will guarantee naughtiness that neither of you will forget.

Try and think outside the box and make your home environment as sexy as possible. By thinking ahead, you'll find that the tiny touches make a big difference.

And it's not just about entertaining a lover, having a naughty home will help to make you feel sexier, more confident and wanted.

Try these handy tips, to turn your home into a Naughty Temple!

Ceiling or Standing Fan

You know that things are going to get hot and steamy in your bedroom, so it makes sense to have a ceiling, desk or standing fan on hand, to make those steamy nights a little more comfortable.

Some people might not want their lovers sweating all over their sheets, and keeping your cool is also the key to stretching your stamina.

By maintaining a comfortable room temperature, you'll be ready to go all night if you want!


Just like the bedroom fan, staying hydrated helps you to stay cool. So invest in a sexy-looking carafe to keep handy on the bedside table.

This way you and your lover can replace all those fluids you just lost in your lovemaking.

After hot sex, a cold glass of water is an instant libido reviver, and you'll both soon be ready to go again!

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Making your lover feel as comfortable as possible, is the best way to keep them coming back for more.

Luxury robes to wear after showering, sex or lounging around your home, will make them feel spoiled and special.

And there's something about bathrobes that just says sexy! They're indulgent and make you feel like you're being pampered at a spa.

I guarantee your lover will want to reward you for thinking of their comfort. Also, they're so easy to just slide off.

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Staying with the hotel theme, turn up the luxury level by keeping an extra pair of slippers by the front door.

As soon as your lover arrives, have them change into their slippers so they feel that they stepped into a naughty paradise.

By putting on their slippers, your lover will 'switch' into bedroom mode the minute they slide their feet into the soft fabric of the slippers.

Touch is one of the strongest senses, so slippers and robes are two ways of enhancing it and preparing your lover for what's to come.

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My roommate in college once gave me an invaluable piece of advice. Always keep alcohol handy for your gentlemen callers.

I always have spirits available for my lover(s), and they really appreciate the extra touch and thoughtfulness.

Seeing their favorite spirit, tells them I am thinking of their needs, which in turn guarantees that they'll be seeing to mine.

If you're out in the dating world, seeing more than one person, always make sure to have a variety on hand such a beer to spirits.

You can also make your drinks look sexy with some fun recipes online and create a sexy little bar with a bar cart to beautiful glasses.

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There's nothing worse than indulging in some hot and heavy foreplay, only to realize that you're not protected because neither of you have a condom.

Don't always depend on the guy to bring one as you're a grown up and responsible for your own health and safety.

For this reason, us girls often have to take the initiative. I always keep a supply of various condoms and sizes at my place, especially since I host naughty parties.

Knowing I don't have to worry about it, means I can concentrate on the fun stuff.

The fact that you're always prepared, doesn't mean you're easy, it means you're responsible and care about your health.


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This is something a surprising amount of people don't think about.

You both just got back from dinner and your lover is just there for the night but has no way to brush their teeth.

Or your lover stays over and wants to kiss you first thing in the morning but again no way to brush their teeth.

Easy solution: Keep a supply of disposable toothbrushes which you can buy on Amazon, and your lover will really appreciate it.

Disposable toothbrushes are so cheap, that it doesn't matter if your lover only uses it once and doesn't come over again.

Just throw it away and get a new one ready for the next naughty night.


Here Are Some Inexpensive, Sexy Disposable Toothbrushes


Cozy Bed

If you've ever stayed at a guy's place, many times the bed is usually hard, the bed sheets haven't been washed in weeks and stiff blanket to cover you.

I know this doesn't apply to all men, but majority of men I know don't put much consideration into their beds.

Many men don't seem to realize that setting a mood, and providing soft, comfortable clean sheets and pillows, can not only enhance the sexiness of the room but help their partner to want to come back to your bed to stay the night.

I always make sure that my bedroom is more of a boudoir and spa like - soft, sensual, luxuriously comfortable and super-sexy.

Anywhere from bamboo to satin sheets, big soft pillows, and fluffy duvet like a cloud.

I've lost count of the number of people (guests and lovers) who have complimented me on my cozy bed. Many have told me that sleeping in my bed is like being on a cloud.


Tips to make your bed feel like a cloud:

- The right mattress is a must!

- If you don't have the best mattress, add a feather bed topper to sleep on making it softer.

- Some of the softest sheets I've ever slept in are bamboo. If you want to feel a little sexy then try satin or silk sheets. Feels amazing on your body.

- Comfy pillows are a must! I like to have 2 different kinds of pillows on my bed to cater to what the person likes. So I'll have one firm and one soft.

- Next is your duvet. Make sure it feels like a cloud. So if you have a mattress topper underneath you along with a comfy duvet on top of you, just imagine all the softness around you.


Dimmers are a vital addition to any Naughty Girl's home. Having sex in harsh, artificial light or, worse, in the dark, can just ruin the mood completely.

By installing dimmer switches, you can set the tone just the way you want it. And they don't just have to be in the bedroom.

Not only do they create a sexy and sensual atmosphere, they can hide little imperfections, like cracks in the wall, or marks on the carpet.

Even better, they make you look hot. Your skin will glow, your eyes will glisten, and your body will create sexy shadows as you walk.

I have dimmers in every room as I love low lighting on my eyes and they create such a sexy atmosphere which makes them perfect for my naughty parties I host.



Candles are one of the most effective mood enhancers.

They set the scene for romance, especially the scented ones, so choose your scent carefully.

Vanilla and cinnamon are particularly sexy, and remember not to go for anything too strong. Smells should be evocative, not overpower.

Candles can help you get you in the mood for naughtiness, and they don't have to be confined to the bedroom.

Use them in the kitchen while you're cooking a sexy meal, or create a pathway to the bedroom with them.

Also, there's nothing sexier than sharing a bath with your lover, surrounded by nothing but candles.

If you're really daring, then have fun with some wax play!


Along with candles, music is one of the most important scene-setters for a night of naughtiness.

Now that we all have iPhones/Sonos, it's easy to set up your own sexy playlists that you can get naughty too or just to feel sexy when you're home alone.

You can make playlists for different moods, for acting out fun sexy themes with your lover, playing dress up and more.

I love to play sexy music even when my lover isn't over, as it helps to set my mood for the day, feel a certain way from French, Bosa Nova to sexy 90s R&B artists.

Play Some Of My Favorite Playlists Here

Sex Toys

It's always a good idea to keep your sex toys handy. I always keep a vibrator near in my bed side table, so I can just grab it when needed.

I also keep sex toys around my house just in case I get lucky in other rooms as you don't always have to be naughty in the bedroom only.

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You're not really a naughty girl if you don't have sexy lingerie on hand. An essential part of every girl's closet, as lingerie can help to make you feel sexy and confident.

It doesn't have to be the lacy or silk, just make sure it's something that shows off your best assets and feels comfortable.

Lingerie can be anything from cotton bra and panties, sexy robe to a long silk gown.

Remember to look after and take care of your lingerie.

Any items that even begin to look tired, or have fraying elastic or tiny holes, get rid of them immediately and treat yourself to something new.

Feeling super sexy underneath, comes out in your outward allure. Never underestimate the power of perfect lingerie.


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