Seduce Your Partner the French Way

Sienna Sinclaire
For a French woman, every aspect of life is romantic, passionate, and pleasurable. After all, France is referred to as the romance capital of the world, where seduction and sexuality is a way of life.

French women are somewhat theatrical when it comes to sex - the stage is always set for seduction.

They pay attention to the most seemingly insignificant details to maximize a romantic experience so it can be as pleasurable as possible for both parties.

By wearing beautiful undergarments, bathing with perfumed soaps, using skin lotions and creams and always keeping a bottle of good champagne in the fridge, French women are always ready for a little ooh la la.

This way, she always feels beautiful, confident and geared up to truly allow herself to be carried away by the sexuality and passion of the moment.

By creating a kind of psychic "path" in her life, the French woman generates a way for love to find its way to her front door.

Using her senses, she is able to seduce her lover in such a way that keeps them coming back for more.

The mystery of the French woman is that her partner knows they can lose her at any moment. French women understand that romance and seduction take time.

Love is a ritual and is meant to be appreciated slowly, just the way good food is appreciated.

We can learn a lot from the women of France. Here are a few simple and easy tips that will teach you how to use your five senses to seduce your partner and keep them on their toes.
Seduce Men The French Way


French Technique: Use Conversation to Arouse the Intellect

Our sense of hearing is an integral part of conversation and intellect. Stimulating the ears can stimulate the intellect, which, in turn, stimulates the libido. Edith Kunz, author of "Fatale: How French Women Do It," tells us that in France, "scintillating repartee" is highly prized.

Electronic entertainments and mindless parlor games are slow to catch on in a country where "human spontaneity and quick wit is revered."

She goes on further to say, "French women know better than to bore male suitors," with mindless talk about subjects only interesting to the speaker.


Things To Try:

Our ears are the gateway to our brains, and our brains are the center of all pleasure. All satisfaction starts in the mind, and interesting conversation is a great way to get that organ revved up.

It's amazing how improving your communication skills can help with your dating life! Take lessons from famous courtesans and French women in becoming a skilled conversationalist; keep up to date on current events and read books, magazines, and blogs about subjects that interest you.

Nowadays, we seem to have lost the art of conversation. Instead, some women try to seduce men with revealing clothing, sexually explicit body language, and sex.

It doesn't mean you can't be sexy and have some naughty fun, but next time you're out on a date, combine your intelligence, humor, and sexuality.

For dinner, don't rush, enjoy the conversation and stay for dessert and coffee.


"The mystery of the French woman is that her man knows he can lose her at any moment."


French Technique: A Sexy Massage

The word "massage" is actually the French word for "knead" or "touch." Creating the space to experience an erotic massage is an important part of nurturing the naughty part of your home oasis.

Things To Try:

Don't just use your hands to touch your lover, make use of your lips, tongue, nipples, breasts, and vulva.  

Touch offers so much to our sexual and romantic experiences. It stimulates as well as relaxes, making women more likely to climax and men better able to control their ejaculate.

Too often we forget to use this vital part of seduction. Most of us just think of using only our hands when it comes to touching lovers, but that's just the beginning. Use your imagination and get a little naughty when giving someone a massage. 



French Technique: Aphrodisiacs to Set the Mood

When using food as a precursor to sex or as a part of an act of seduction, arranging the table with foods that evoke sexual appetite can help set the mood.

French foods are common aphrodisiacs, with items like oysters on the half-shell, cream-kissed berries, champagne, and chocolate, all of which incite a pleasure that starts on your tongue and lingers in the body.

Things To Try:

If you want to use aphrodisiacs in your dinner theater, you can choose any food that makes you feel sexy, carnal, or downright hot and bothered.

For some ladies, this might be ripping meat off of ribs before licking your fingers sensually.

Vegetarian naughty girls might serve whole artichokes, whose many layers can be peeled off and eaten one by one, revealing the tender, succulent center.

If planning an aphrodisiac meal is too daunting, it's better to go out to eat than fumble through a home-cooked meal.

Remember, you can always come back to the house for champagne or dessert. Or, you can turn yourself into dessert.

To do this, cover your bed with an old sheet (or better yet, the Liberator Fascinator throw which is decadent to touch, waterproof, and completely machine washable!) and surround yourself with sexy edibles like chocolate syrup, strawberries, cherries, and whipped cream.

This way, you're tantalizing your lovers taste buds by letting them taste you.


"French women make their presence known by their own personalized fragrance formula."


French Technique: Apply Perfume Perfectly

French women make their presence known by their own personalized fragrance formula, as they know exactly where to place it on their bodies to get the most lingering effects throughout the day.

Kunz says French women never forget the importance of "rousing the curiosity of an intelligent man with original and provocative details, such as smell."

You want to awaken your partners senses and tease them with different scents.

The French poet Paul Valery once said, "Perfumes are the greatest traitors in the world; they herald, they outline, and they declare the most delicious of intentions."

Likewise, French painter Jean Honore Fragonard vouched for the power of fragrance saying, "If you use this perfume your love problems will vanish."

Things To Try:

Apply perfume by just spritzing both wrists lightly, let the liquid sink in, and do nothing else. Don't rub it in.

Remember don't to overwhelm everyone with your perfume. It should be enjoyed by the person who's closest to you, not the entire room. 

Choosing perfume based on your own preferences is important, but using fragrances in the art of seduction is somewhat involved.

Essentially, you want to develop an arsenal of aromas. These can be perfumes, scented soaps or lotions, and even your own musk, which is arguably the sexiest scent of all.

If you are seeing a lover for more than one passionate evening, switching up your aroma can enhance your natural allures.

Much of our sexuality comes from our sense of smell, so you can keep them on their toes and cultivate mystery by alternating your fragrance.

To harness the power of perfume, you have to believe in it. Applying a scent you don't love or doesn't suit you means you won't have the confidence to seduce or entertain naturally and effortlessly.

Choosing the right scent for you takes time and patience. Visit a perfume store and smell a few samples before applying perfume.

Wear it throughout the day to see how the fragrance changes as it mixes with your natural scent. 

It might seem tiresome, but going through this process can really help you find a signature, sexy fragrance that immediately boosts your confidence and swagger.

You may find that a certain fragrance works well in your home, but that you prefer to wear different scents outside, in the workplace, or on your travels.

Matching your fragrance with your intention can enhance its power.

By using fragrance as a marker of your presence, sexuality, and personality, you can subtly manipulate your surroundings to make the sexiest home possible.


Naughty Girl Lingerie sparkles


French Technique: Looking Ravishing

Men are very visual creatures. They rely on what they see rather than what they feel.

Where a woman might be more attracted to a man because of how he makes her feel, a man will be more attracted to a woman because she is beautiful, sexy, and alluring. Put simply, men are stimulated by what they see.

Things To Try:

Many women can be insecure about the way they look. They second guess themselves and their own beauty.

It can be easy to end up lounging around life in comfortable and concealing sweatpants. Don't let this happen to you!

You're gorgeous in every way and you must know this deep within. Confidence and self-assurance are sexy.

If you don't know you're beautiful, then stand in front of a mirror for at least 15 minutes every day.

Look at yourself and give yourself positive affirmations until you see your own beauty. Don't focus on the negative, instead focus on all your positives!

It is only when you see yourself for the sexy seductress that you are, that someone else will too.

Many French women wear lingerie every day. They don't just wear it for special occasions, nor do they reserve it for their lovers.

They wear colorful, flattering, matching sets with lace and silk for themselves because they know it helps them feel more sexy.

Maybe no one knows the French mademoiselle at the office is wearing a Chantelle Thomass thong and bra under her business suit, but she knows.

In this way, her seduction is her secret weapon.

French women understand the value of lingerie and they use it all time to seduce their lover. Just think of all the beautiful undergarments we wear that have been given French names! (The word bra, for example, comes from the French word brassiere).

Remember, lingerie doesn't only include just bras and panties. It is negligees....another French in, sexy, satin nighties with a length that goes to the floor.

It is bustiers (yes, French again!), also known as corsets. It is sexy stockings and pretty, lacy, form-fitting undergarments.

If you're not comfortable showing off too much of your body, there are tons of different lingerie styles for every body type.

Find the one that you makes you feel your best. Find colors and textures that look and feel good against your skin.

You can always throw on a sheer robe if it helps you feel more comfortable to be covered up.

When you invite your lover over for an evening of seduction, answer the door in your lingerie. It could be a French maid's outfit or nothing but a pair of fishnet stockings and high heels.





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