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San Francisco French Victorian all white boudoir home decor

Every home I’ve lived in speaks to me when it comes to how I will decorate. I’ve never decorated two homes the same as each one has its own story to tell. 


When decorating, I go by the city I’m living in, it’s history, the houses architecture along with its color scheme. 


Then I add in my own touch from things that inspire me from my travels, different cultures and decades, naughty history, glamour, music I love and art. 


A house tells a lot about who someone is and you can also decorate your home to feel a certain way. 


For me my homes tell of a story of a woman who’s well-traveled along with being inspired from different cultures, loves all white, has a love of vintage erotic art, inspired by strong, independent, naughty women of the past, loves all things glamorous including Hollywood glam of the 40s and 50s, obsessed with brothels of the past including Victorian bordello’s, old soul at heart with her love of all things vintage, takes a lot of inspiration from the Art Deco and 1920s period. 


I want my house to inspire me to feel more glamorous and sexy with how I decorate from my beautiful furniture pieces, erotic artwork hung on my walls to the music I listen to each day. 


I want to feel as if I’m Cleopatra sitting on her gold thrown with my sexy boy toy catering to me, or in a glamorous victorian bordello acting as the madame, then one day a sexy French vixen of the 1920s wearing fringe robes, sequins and feathers, to a Hollywood actress of the 40s and 50s with silk gowns to beautiful lace lingerie touching my skin. 


And you can feel all this and more, just by how you decorate your home! 


What story does your house tell about you? If it doesn’t tell the story you want, how do you want to make your space to make you feel?


What if your house has no history or a story to tell? Then give it one with the story you want to tell. For my home in LA, it’s new with no past but with me living in it, I’m giving it a new story to tell; one of naughty parties! 

San Francisco fireplace screen mantel chandelier all white arches French victorian home design

My San Francisco Home


When I was looking for places in San Francisco, I knew I wanted an old Victorian style home because of my love for Victorian bordello’s. Also, I wrote the “Naughty Guide to San Francisco” so I know a lot of SF’s naughty history and in a way want to relive the past. 


This was the last place I saw and I knew right away it was the perfect place for me. It was all white, had lots of natural lighting, stunning victorian architecture, hardwood floors from the 1920s, bathrooms and kitchen had Art Deco designs, and the bedroom was the best part besides the amazing hallway. 


As soon as I moved in, I wanted to restore the place back to its Victorian past as the previous owner covered up a lot of it’s beauty.


This is what I mean by how a house will speak to you and if you listen, it will tell you it’s story which can help you with decorating.


I started with tearing out builtins the previous owner added to the home that were more modern and other things they had put up such as built in speakers that looked tacky in the ceilings. 

They even painted over the gold hardware for the door handles that are original to the home. So I had to take away the paint to reveal their beauty again. I removed all the window hardware with Victorian handles, replaced the modern light switches with gold Art Deco pieces to match the home. 


Removed all the light fixtures in the home and replaced with Victorian inspired chandeliers. For the furniture, I choose a modern French Victorian style. 


I went for an all white look and kept the furniture simple because I wanted to show off the homes architecture. It’s not the furniture I want people to see first, it the homes history and story I want my guests to notice. The furniture is more of a compliment to the home. 


Even for the windows, I kept it simple by not adding any curtains because again I didn’t want to cover up it’s architecture. The windows have a stunning design and it would a shame to cover up their beauty. Instead I choose to go with white blinds with a Victorian design to compliment the windows while still offering privacy when needed. 

San Francisco modern French victorian all white decor

Living Room  

This was my most difficult room to decorate because it's small but has has three sitting areas in one room.

There's the living room space that I divided with an area rug and added couch with two big Indian style mirrors behind it to open the space. Coffee table and tv on stand opposite the couch.

French victorian all white furniture decor San Francisco Indian wood mirrors couch chandeliers

The second space is the fireplace that I separated again with same area rug to help define the two spaces. 

This is more of a sitting area for enjoying the fireplace only, conversation, lounging. 

So I kept it simple with a large tufted, lounging "coffee table" in front of fire place and two small chairs in front.

all white home furniture decor chandeliers French victorian

The third space is by the bay windows and corner on left hand side. With the living room being simple with all white furniture, I added a statement piece in front of window to pop but not too much as to take away from the beautiful windows. 

San Francisco vintage erotic artwork 1920s French victorian all white decor

To the left corner, added victorian erotic prints to match the theme of the space along with a single chair that can be moved around for more seating if guests are over. 

To add a touch of glamour, there's one grand chandelier in middle of the room with four standing lamp chandeliers to add a wow factor and go with the victorian look. 

vintage erotic artwork French victorian all white 1920s

all white decor chandeliers flowers French victorian

home office design French victorian all white 


 All white decor with a pop of browns. Bought old style victorian desk to match the hardwood floors and gold Louis French style mirror to go with the color scheme.

The mirror helps to open up the room along with being able to see the living room from behind. 

home office design French victorian all white bay windows

To show off the architecture of the windows, decided not to add curtains and to keep furniture simple so that the windows/views stand out. 


home office design French victorian all white bookshelf bookcase

home office design French victorian all white Indian bookcase

 It's all in the details when it comes to decorating. 

Opposite side of the office desk are two Indian style book cases that match the color scheme of the other pieces and help to flow into the living room for a smooth transition. 

For my decorating style, I believe that when you have two rooms that are open to each other, you should create an even flow from one room to the next so the two rooms blend together nicely rather than a stark contrast. 

living room design French victorian all white

Views from home office into living room. The Indian style book shelves match the dresser in the corner to create an even flow as mentioned along with the furniture legs. 

French victorian dining room browns

Dining Room

This is the first room that guests see when entering the home, so wanted to create a wow factor.

While the rest of the house is all white, went with all browns for this room with a hint of white.

But to give the rooms an even flow since open floor plan, kept same color scheme throughout. 

indian mirrors French victorian dining room

Added these two Indian style mirrors in the dining room as statement pieces. 

Kept this room simple with just a dining room table and 2 mirrors for simple elegance. 

French victorian dining room Indian design

To keep the two rooms consistent, added the same mirrors in the living room so it flows well from room to room. 

French victorian all white dining room

Indian Design home

Views from dining room to the foyer and vice versa. 

When decorating it's not just about statement pieces and beautiful furniture, it's also all about the details and smaller items you add to create the look you're going for. 


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