How to Walk in High Heels

A true Naughty Girl knows the sex appeal of high heels and knows how to work those Jimmy Choos to her advantage.

High heels make legs look thinner and sexier, so it's no wonder that heels, very high heels, are so popular right now.

While you may be tempted to stay at home with your old friend the slipper, just try some heels and see how they make you feel.

Start Small

Stumbling and falling because you don't know how to walk in high heels properly can be embarrassing. We have all seen a woman clunking around in heels she clearly has no business wearing.

What she doesn't know is with a little work she could turn that clunking into smooth, sexy gliding.

When you are ready to learn to walk in high heels it is best to start small and work your way up. Don't start with the 4 inchers if you have never worn anything but flats. Most heels start at 1½ inches and go up from there.

As you perfect the lower heels it will be easier to adjust to the higher ones. If you are nervous about slim heels you can start out with the more clunky, big heels and reduce the size as you get comfortable.


The first thing to know about wearing high heels without falling on your fanny, is that you need to practice.

Start off just by standing in them. Let your feet get to know them. Wear them around the house and break them in so they are more comfortable on your feet and begin to feel like they belong there.

Always practice on a hardwood floor instead of carpet. This gives you extra support while you are learning.

When you are comfortable walking on the flat surface try walking up and down the stairs. This takes practice as well so you can learn to do it gracefully.

Don't wait until the evening of an event when you are getting ready to put them on for the first time. That is setting yourself up for failure.


Stand in front of a full-length mirror wearing your heels. This allows you to see how the heels look on, but also helps you work on proper posture so you are not slumped over while wearing them.

Stand up straight with eyes forward. Don't look at your feet when you stand or walk. Once you have the standing part down, walk back and forth and front to back in front of the mirror.

You need to get used to the added height the heels bring so adjust your stride and posture accordingly.


Perfecting Your Walk

If you notice that your heels slip on smooth surfaces, a trick is to take your shoes outside and intentionally scuff the bottoms on the cement. This produces a little texture on the bottom of the shoe that helps prevent slips.

Always watch where you are going. Sidewalks have cracks. Streets have potholes. There are more things out there that can make you trip and catch your heel than you can count.

At the same time, don't walk with your head down. Not only is that unattractive but it makes it easy to run into objects like poles and other people.

Scan the surface in front of you at all times. This can be done discreetly while you hold your head up and radiate confidence.

If you live in an area where the streets or sidewalks are cobblestone you have to really pay attention. The best way to learn to walk in heels on cobblestone is to walk on your tiptoes and lift your heels a little so your heels don't get stuck in the cracks of the stone.

If you can master that technique you will look like a pro in your heels.

Strut Your Stuff

Remember it is all about the practice and the confidence.

Smile while you are walking in those 3 inch pumps. If they hurt your feet don't let it show.

Naughty Girls know there is nothing worse than a woman who can't walk in high heels and shows it.

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