How The 1920s Inspired Fashion Today

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Think of the 1920s and you might picture beaded dresses, pearl necklaces, and feathers on headbands. But the twenties were a time of fashion revolution, and there is so much more to it than the flapper girl style that we’re so familiar with.

Little Black Dress 

 The LBD (little black dress) you know and love? It broke through a sea of bright and cheery colors in the 1920s, popularized by Coco Chanel herself. She once said “I remember contemplating the auditorium at the Opera from the back of a box…those reds, those greens, those electric blues made me feel ill.  These colors are impossible.  These women, I’m bloody well going to dress them in black…” And she did.
 In 1926, the LBD made its debut. A chemise with long sleeves, paired with pearls and a cloche hat. It was designed in multiple fabrics. For the day, it was made in wool or chenille, and for night, satin, crepe, and velvet. 
 Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman that doesn’t own a LBD. It’s a classic, no matter the decade or style. It’s not going anywhere any time soon.
Naughty Girl offers little black dresses in many styles and fabrics, so you have the perfect dress whether you're going to brunch or a night out.


 While Ancient Egypt has always been fascinating with its Great Sphinx and giant pyramids, it wasn’t until 1922 that the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb caused a stir in the fashion world.
 Clothing was made from silk, and clothes used Egyptian patterns to influence geometric shapes and simple, basic lines. There were ancient Egyptian patterns on handbags, cigarette holders, and jewelry. Designers used colors such as Nile green, and the most fashionable of women wore Egyptian-inspired headpieces.
 In 1963, the movie Cleopatra was released, causing a new wave of Egyptian-inspired fashion. 
Naughty Girl has clothing with geometric patterns and headpieces reminiscent of Egyptian pieces as well.


 In the 1920’s, women’s swimsuit design rapidly evolved to a sleek, body-hugging style instead of the looser, bloomer style suits of the past. Fabric was elasticated, and swimsuits became revealing, skin-tight one pieces. Parasols were a popular beach accessory.
 Of course, swimsuits became more revealing as time went on. Today, it’s acceptable to wear nearly anything while swimming, with bikinis and one pieces being the popular choice.
Naughty Girl has swimsuits that would make the men of the 1920s blush. From bikinis to sexy one pieces, you will find the perfect swimsuit to take you from beach to poolside.


 Robes became something to wear out of the house in the 20s, and they were often made of fine fabrics. They were worn casually to the beach, and formally for more special occasions. The cocoon coat was a popular style, as well as dressing gowns. 
 Hollywood films of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s increased the popularity of dressing gowns for both men and women. The modern day robe is a cardigan, duster, or kimono.
Naughty Girl has robes to use with lingerie, swimwear, and clothing. The Nightingale Dress is inspired by cocoon coats of the 1920s.

Flapper Dresses

 The chemise, or shift dress, became the go to style for day and evening wear in the 20s. The dress fell just below the knee. Waists dropped to the hips. Back in the 1910’s, loose belts had often been worn over blouses and chemise dresses, and it’s thought that the drop waist evolved from that style.
 As the waist dropped to the hips, hems rose up to the knee. This sudden exposure of women’s legs in the 1920s, brought about a huge interest in women’s hosiery. Stocking sales went through the roof. The popular colors were beige, gray, and white.
 Of course, we don’t have to mention how hemlines continued to shrink until modern day, when mini dresses and skirts are the go-to choice for nights out.
Naughty Girl has many sexy dresses to show off your stems!

Beach Pajamas

 Have you heard of "Beach Pajamas"? They were comfortable jumpsuits with wide legs that women wore on the train when traveling to the beach. Those who were not going to a resort anytime soon simply adopted the style for relaxing at home and called them “lounjamas.”
If you want to recreate the look of Beach Pajamas, all you need is a favorite bathing suit and a pair of wide leg pants! Of course, Naughty Girl has you covered. Choose a one piece or a bikini, and a matching pant.

Palazzo Pants

 We have to give credit to Coco Chanel once again for her influence on women’s pants. She made it possible for us to wear them leisurely, rather than only when working in factories. Wide leg designs were stylish and comfortable.
 Today, we call wide leg and flared bottoms “palazzo pants, and they have been a staple every decade since. The style is still relevant today.
Naughty Girl has wide leg styles, as they are comfortable, chic, and flattering. Dress up with heels or wear them casually.

Sequins and Fringe

 As for embellishments of the 1920s, sequins and beading were very popular on everything from dresses to robes. Fringe trim was popular, and gave movement to dresses and robes as one danced. 
 Sequins were a staple in the 80s, made popular by tv shows Dynasty and Knots Landing. Now, sequins are especially popular on dresses worn for New Year’s Eve, but can be seen year round when someone wants to add some sparkle to their outfit.
Naughty Girl has sequins for all occasions. From dresses to matching sets, you can turn heads with an outfit that exudes glitz and glam.  
Fringe makes its comeback every decade. In the 1950s, you could find fringe on furniture. In the 70s, Cher famously wore fringe on stage and off, while the 80s added fringe to jackets and casual wear. Now, fringe is most popular during festival season.
Naughty Girl has fringe - from jackets to dresses to purses. If you need something to shimmy and shake in, you'll find it.

Boho and Festival Style

A lot of the Bohemian style that we see today, comes from 1920s fashion. From peasant blouses, flapper dresses, PJ sets, robes, ethnic touches, embroidery, embellishments, fringe, beads, and jewels.
Most people think of the 20s as the Flapper Era, and it was all the rage in the papers, but the majority of 1920s fashion was actually Bohemian style, just not talked about in the papers.
The flapper dresses are technically Boho style with their loose fit, boyish look, layering of fabrics with robes and jewelry, to the loose curls and bobbed finger waved hairstyles.
Chanel also inspired this boho style in the 20s with her casual style. She made PJ sets popular that you wear out to the beach, train travel, and even out to dinner. Chanel inspired mixing and matching prints together as well as wearing lots of jewelry, but also simple to loose fitting clothes.
Naughty Girl offers many styles with boho influences. There are robes with ethnic inspired patterns, loose fitting dresses, and casual pants.
Many festival looks take influence from the 1920s boho style, using fringe, sequins, and ethnic patterns.
 The twenties have had a huge influence on Naughty Girl, and you can see these influences throughout every category in the shop. From wide leg pants to sequins, mini dresses to robes, Naughty Girl has a chic, modern take on just about every trend you can think of from the roaring twenties.

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