Get Naked Now Challenge

Get Naked Now Challenge

If you are going to be a true naughty girl and live the naughty lifestyle, you have to be comfortable in your own skin.

Being able to appreciate your body and be comfortable in your own skin is a mark of someone who has confidence. Naughty girls are definitely confident!

Unrealistic portrayals of women's bodies on magazine covers and other media sources give the idea that everyone must have a perfect body in order to be beautiful.

But true beauty is not airbrushed or edited. In fact, no matter how you look, there is something so sexy and sensual about being naked by yourself and with your lover.


What Do You Love About Your Body?

The truth is, we all have something about our bodies that we don't like. However, people tend to look at body image as glass half empty and see only flaws.

Instead try looking at yourself naked in a mirror and finding one thing about yourself that you like.

Don't use this exercise as an excuse to criticize yourself. Instead see it as empowering and a way to learn to love yourself.

It is time to get over your fears of being naked and shake off the shackles of negativity towards your body. Your body is yours.

You can love it or you can hate it, but it is the only one you have for this lifetime.

It makes the journey through life more pleasant if you love your body and yourself. No more excuses. Just get naked now!


Start Slow

If you have been uncomfortable in the past about being naked, either alone or with a lover, it is time to move into your future. A future of naked bliss.

Start slow if that is what you need. Each day when you are home, try gradually reducing the amount of clothing you wear while you go about your business.

Eventually you will be down to your bra and panties and you can lose them one at a time if that makes you more comfortable.

Once you are down to your birthday suit, start doing different things while you are naked.

Try eating naked, watching television naked, or just read a book naked.

This may seem strange or uncomfortable at first but the more time you spend doing stuff naked the more comfortable you will feel in your own skin.


Sleep Naked

An easy way to break the ice is to sleep naked. It is amazing to be between the sheets while nude.

Feeling the sheets against your skin with nothing in between you is freedom.

After a while pajamas feel confining and you will never go back to them.

How many times have you woken up with your nightgown twisted around your body?

Enjoy the many sensations on your skin from different kinds of sheets.

Flannel when it is cold can feel comforting and snug, while cotton in the summer can feel cool.

To feel really sensual and sexy, try silk or satin sheets and enjoy how smooth they feel against you.

Sleeping naked next to a lover is a true pleasure and expression of intimacy.


Lighting Is Everything!

The harsh glare of florescent lights is enough to encourage anyone to keep their clothes on. Try candles, install dimmer switches and change our your lightbulbs to more warming ones. 

Dimmers are a must, as they give you more control over the lighting helping to hide imperfections along with creating sexy mood lighting. 


Taking The Next Step

When you have reached the point where you are comfortable being naked in your own home, it is time to take your nakedness on the road.

When you go to the gym, do you change in the locker room in front of people or do you seek out a part of the locker room where there are no other people?

Perhaps you go into a bathroom stall to change? Many people avoid taking their clothes off in a locker room or spa if other people are within viewing range.

If this sounds like you, then the next step in being comfortable with your naked self is to change your clothes where other people are.

If others appear uncomfortable, remember it is their own discomfort with nudity in general that is the issue, not you or your nudity. And sometimes it's just in your head that people are looking at and judging you. 


Show Off Your Body To Your Lover

When you have done all these things and have reveled in your nakedness, it is time for the big test: being naked in front of a lover.

You may think this is a given considering people have sex that way but many people go to great lengths to hide their body, even from their lover.

Some even keep their clothes on during sex. If you know someone well enough to let them penetrate different orifices on your body, then you should be able to get naked with them.

One thing to remember is that your partner isn't judging you or making a mental list of what you perceive as your body flaws while they are lying naked with you.

They are usually just so damn grateful to have you naked in bed with them that they are not noticing anything else.

Leave the lights on. Use the dimmer switch or candles if you want to; they allow your partner to see you but keep the mood sensual and romantic.

If you want to really throw your lover for a loop and give them a nice surprise, have breakfast together naked the next morning.

Remember that being naked doesn't always have to be sexual with your partner either. But it doesn't mean it can't lead to it!!!


  • Sandy SINN

    I am getting older (47),and it’s become harder to maintain my “beautiful” body I once had.i used to love being naked, but I had a rocking bod back in my 20-30s. As I became injured, I couldnt work out and age brought my metabolism down, causing weight gain. This article helped me to see where I need to do some internal work to change my perception of my self as it relates to body confidence and body image. I’m learning to reinvent myself now and to be more accepting of myself naked. Thank you. This was just what I needed to read!

  • meryem

    hot sticky summers also mean hot sticky skin. I like a silk nitie between me and my hot sweaty lover when we sleep. sex is fine nude but cuddling gets sticky.

  • Katelin Jenkins

    Love and need this challenge thank you! Starting slow today

  • john

    That was a good read.Thank you and have a great rest of the week.

  • Fern and Bloom

    Ross and I totally agree with you about being naked. What has kept our sanity is having friends over naked around the pool, playing billards, dining in and just enjoying naked fun. We enjoy the nude hotels in Palm Springs Oct to June and usually the nude beach in Santa Barbara summer time till Nov. Stay happy and naked.

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