Favorite Travel Beauty Supplies

Packing for somewhere new that you haven't traveled to before can be stressful. You're not sure what you'll need and don't want to waste precious luggage space bringing things you'll never use.

That's why I created this list of my favorite travel beauty supplies. I travel often and have found that these items are the ones you'll want to keep in your carry-on.

Eye Luminate

This is perfect for when you're on the plane. It hydrates your eyes and gives them a little glow.

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Hand & Cuticle Salve

You can use this on your hands but it can also be applied on the body anywhere you feel dry.

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Pinch Blush Stick

Use this hydrating cream blush to freshen up when you get off of plane. Use it on your eyelids too.

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Bare Lip Balm

Hydrate your lips before applying one of our hydrating lip glosses or lip balms

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24k Gold Eye Masks

These are all natural so they won’t burn sensitive eyes. Apply when traveling and keep on during the flight to help with hydration. You can also apply our eye oil before applying these eye masks for extra hydration. When left on for longer, they can help reduce lines on eyes temporarily.

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Age Spot + Wrinkle Reducer

Apply where needed to help with hydration.

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Soothing Muscle Salve

This stuff works amazing for healing sore muscles. Traveling on a plane or in a car can cause muscle soreness, so use this for relief. It works instantly!

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Neroli Eye Serum

This serum really hydrates your under eyes and won’t get into your eyes. It also works as a perfect makeup remover for eyes.

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Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil

This oil keeps your nails hydrated when traveling. Then use our peppermint oil cream on your feet or hands.

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Healing Eczema Cream

This small tin is the perfect size for traveling and is handy for when you need it. Plus it’s very hydrating.

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Travel Set of Oils

I love to use these travel size oils in my hair and on my body when traveling on the plane.

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Blemish Stick

This is a must when traveling. Being dehydrated can cause breakouts so keep this handy for when a blemish pops up.

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Anti-Itch Cream

This stuff really works and is a must to have on hand for mosquito bites or just when your skin feels itchy from different climates, detergents, or dryness.

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Enlightened Illuminizer

Use on your skin when you get off of the plane to help give your skin a glow.

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This is the travel size, all natural retinol that can be applied to the face or body.

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Vitamin C


This is another great travel size option that can be applied to the face or body. It's all natural and very hydrating.

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Oilless Control Pen

This is perfect for those with acne as it won’t make you break out. It'll give you a light oil glow on your face along with major hydration. Use a needed under eyes and even on body. The control pen is perfect for travel.

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