Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Naughty Girl started as a dream over 15 years ago. Even though it took time, the wait was worth it. Watch the video and read the blog to help you not give up on yours.
What's Your Dream?
Don't know what your dream is? That's ok as it can take years to discover your dream as you learn more about yourself, along with what you like and don't.
To start: take out a piece of paper and write down 10 things you love to do from hobbies to things that bring you joy.
Go over your list, think about each one as a job, then scratch off 7 that you don't care for as a business.
You'll have 3 left, go over each one to come up with business ideas until you found THE ONE.
It doesn't mean start now, sit on it for a few months or years as you come up with ideas. It's better to take your time than rush into something that's not for you.
I did the exact same thing 15 years ago when I came up with my store. But it took me years to get the business going as I was building up my Naughty Brand first to make sure it's what I wanted to do.
Plus 1 was learning stuff along the way that eventually helped me with being more successful with my store.
Adjusting Your Dream
Sometimes when you wait years or even decades to start your dream, you'll need to adjust it.
For me, 15 years ago I wanted to open a Lingerie brick and mortar store. When it came time to make my dream a reality, had to adjust it as times had changed.
It was no longer going to be an actual store but an online store on Shopify which was a lot more affordable.
It was no longer just a lingerie store but clothing for women as my lifestyle had changed.
I adjusted my dream a lot by what had changed in the world. So when it comes time to start your dream, you may need to sit down and make adjustments too.
Discover your dream but don't feel bad if it takes time to start, as timing might not be right.
But you'll need to know when that timing is right along with making any adjustments to your dream.
Timing Isn't Right
Sometimes the timing isn't right for your dream. Meaning maybe you're still in school, you're waiting for the kids to go off to college, you need to save more, etc.
Whatever the reason is, don't think of these as excuses for not starting your dream.
Sometimes dreams take time along with knowing when the time is right.
When Is The Right Time?
Only you will know when the time is right to start your dream. Maybe the kids are finally in college or you have the money you've been saving.
Also, by paying attention to the world around you will help you decide if the time is right.
For me, it was the change in times with social media, Shopify, and things being easier and less expensive to start a business.
15 years ago, the world was a lot different. The iPhone hadn't even come out yet and instagram was another 5 years away.
All these things helped to change the way we sell and connect with customers around the world, making it easier to start a business today.
So look for the right time by paying attention.

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