Changing Your Workouts As You Age

As we age, our bodies change from our metabolisms, injury recovery time to building muscle.

Workouts you did in your 20s and 30s, may not work anymore for your 40s, 50s and so on.

However, working out is one of the best things you can do to help with aging, as it's good for your brain, joints, mental wellbeing, balance, stamina, flexibility, heart and so much more.

 My Story

I've always been very lucky with my genetics and metabolism. I've worked out my entire life but didn't need to overdo it to stay in shape.

As reached my late 30s, notice what had been doing wasn't working anymore.

I hired a trainer and he showed me how to speed up my metabolism with weight lifting, cardio and nutrition.

He taught me to lift heavier to help me build muscle and tone up.


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And he showed me how to do HIIT workouts on days had more energy and regular cardio when my energy was low (meaning 30 minute elliptical at a slower pace), or just to take that day off.

He taught me it's very important not to overdo it with working out as it can add stress to my body.

Within a few months, my body was back and my metabolism was revved up.

But it's now something have to work on more than did when I was younger, and each year I reassess my body as I get older to see what's working and what's not.

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Anti-Aging Exercises

Weight Training

As we age, muscle mass starts to weaken so if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Plus we become weaker so building our muscles is important to keep our strength, bone density and prevent injury.

With strength training, it can also reverse aging at the molecular level.



As we age, we can lose our balance which is why you might see a lot more older people practicing Tai Chi. Loss of balance can cause falls and injuries, so it's very important to start adding balance exercises to your weekly routine.

Strengthen Core

As we get older, back pain can become a problem for many people.
Strengthening your core can help with pain management, improve balance and stability, prevent injuries from falls, and give your better posture.


If you never work out again, make sure you stretch daily as it's so important as you age and can prevent injury which is more common as we get older.
Muscles and joints weaken and range of motion deteriorates as we age, so stretching helps with maintenance of strength, improving flexibility, increased circulation and blood flow, pain management and better quality of life.


Cardio has many benefits such as improving your mental health, increasing blood flow, heart health, revving up your metabolism to enhancing the flow of oxygen in the brain which helps communication and memory.
And a bonus is that it gives you a natural glow and can help you feel a little frisky with increased blood flow to your naughty parts.



Stress Management! Stress can seriously age you fast if you don't get it under control. When we are younger, our bodies can handle stress better. Doesn't mean it's still good for you. But if you're stressed in your 20s and 30s, sometimes it won't start to show until your 40s (or even earlier) just like sun damage.

Managing your stress with yoga and/or meditation can help with pain management, better sleep, decreased blood pressure, depression and so many other things that you don't even realize or have been fully studied.



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