Cast A Naughty Spell

Cast a sex spell witch using five senses Naughty Girl Sienna Sinclaire

Time to discover your inner witch and learn how to cast some sensual sex spells!

I'll show you how to hone your powers of bewitchment and use all five of your senses to seduce and enchant that special someone.

You can easily cast a spell with your perfume, how you dress, the way you speak and more. 

Utilizing all of your senses, each of these sex spells has the power to entrance and bewitch.

Use them on yourself, too, to keep you feeling sexy and confident all day!

 Cast a sex spell smell scent perfume Naughty Girl


Cast a naughty spell on an object of your desire using smell.

One of the easiest ways, is by wearing perfume. You don't want the perfume to be overwhelming (and you want to make sure they don't have allergies).

Best way to put a spell on someone is to wear the perfume, where only they can smell it when they are close to you. 

You can also cast a spell using incense, just light it before they arrive and let the spell start to kick in. 

Best scents: Patchouli, peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood.


Cast a sex spell red lipstick nails Naughty Girl


Use sight to your advantage when casting a spell by using the color red.

Red is the color of lust, danger, power, passion and sex.

Different ways to use the color red on your lover: lingerie, dress, nails, roses, bedsheets, heels, lipstick. 

Slip on a sexy red dress with a sultry red lipstick and head out on the town. 


Cast a sex spell drink cocktail sipping Naughty Girl


Once you have on your perfume and something red, now it's time to set the mood with a cocktail and sexy dinner.

To really get the spell working, it's best to take them to a restaurant with small bits so you can use your fingers to feed each other. And make sure to order a sexy cocktail. 

Or you can make dinner for them at your place and really set the place up with scent, sight, and sound (below).

Feed them with your sexy red nails and do the same by picking up food and putting it slowly into your mouth with your red lips. 

Be sensual and slow...take a sip of your cocktail...lick your lips...the spell is working!

Cast a sex spell music sound Naughty Girl


After dinner and drinks, take them back to your place where you should have everything all set up as mentioned above.

It's best to have your playlist ready to go when you both get back to your place.

Play something sexy and sensual to set the mood.

Here are some of my favorites: Bitter Sweet, Cara Emerald, Corinne Bailey, Elaine Elias, Ursula 1000 (Kinda' Kinky), Madeline Peyroux, Magnolia Memoir, Melody Gardot, Pink Martini, Koop, Parov Stelar, Sada, Amy Winehouse.

Cast a sex spell massage touch Naughty Girl


Use your hands to complete the spell by giving them a massage or just touching them.

Touch is the most erotic sense we have because it's instant and very physical.

Touch creates intimacy, it brings us closer together and makes us feel safe, sexy and desired. 

You can learn massage techniques by taking a class or watching videos on your own or with your lover. 



Now you have all the ingredients you need for your cauldron to ensure those sparks will be flying long into the night.

But don't just save your sex spells for Halloween, tailor them to suit different times of year so you're never short of a trick or two to enchant and bewitch your lover all the year round. 


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