Brazilian Confidence

It's easy to look around at other women and think "where do they get their confidence from?"

When it comes to Latin cultures, especially, the women seem to just exude sexiness as though it's in their DNA.

Whatever size or shape they are, they seem to just 'know' how to hold themselves, how to act around men, how to go after what they want, and how to enjoy great sex lives.

So take some tips from 'the Brazilian way' to learn how you can inject some much-needed sexiness and confidence into your own life.

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1. Treat others how you want to be treated

Brazilians are big on family and are very loyal to their friends.

It's not so much that they believe in karma, but they definitely believe that treating others with respect breeds confidence within themselves.

Brazilians know that self-esteem comes from within, it can't be given to you by someone else, so by treating others the way you want to be treated yourself, makes them feel good and boosts their self-confidence.

2. Loving yourself

When you're confident, it shows on the outside as well making you feel good on the inside.

Some cultures and societies make you feel bad for loving yourself, or you're seen as being self-centered. 

Brazilians, however, have a natural outgoing nature and they don't feel ashamed to treat or spoil themselves.

From an early age, they are taught to be the best they can be, to do things they love and to not feel guilty about loving themselves and showing the world who they are.

These are the kind of people you want to be around, because their own inner lights can shine onto you, too.

3. Ignore criticism

We all want approval in life, whether it's from a parent, a friend or a boss.  

Because we crave approval from our peers, it's easy to feel hurt by criticism, we take it very personally and it can stunt our emotional growth because we become afraid to show our true selves in case we get shot down or told we're no good.

If Brazilians get negative criticism, they either turn it into something positive or they ignore it completely.

They are confident in the decisions they make and that confidence comes from accepting that they are not going to please everybody all of the time, so the important thing is always to please themselves.

You can't control what other people think, you can only control what you think.

Knowing that, leads to stronger confidence and a sense of freedom which lets you grow as a person.

4. Don't be afraid to take risks

Most of us are taught to be wary in life, to always take the safe road and not rock the boat or upset the status quo.

Brazilians, however, are taught to walk to the edge of a cliff and not be afraid to jump off into the water below.

It's not about being careless, it's about weighing your options and not being afraid to make the riskier choice.

Brazilians always ask themselves "what's the worst that could happen?"

They have a great sense of perspective and, because they're already immune to worrying about what other people think, they're more likely to make a decision that suits them.

That's usually the right decision because they don't have needless emotional obstacles put in their way.

They also trust their instincts. Even if their head is saying one thing, they'll ask their heart to shout louder and it's usually the heart that they will follow.

So next time you're faced with what you think is an impossible decision, listen to what your gut says and ask yourself what the worst case scenario would be if you went ahead.

You'll probably realize that the worst thing you imagined, isn't really so bad.

5. Lose your ego

It's easy to think that Brazilian people have big egos as they hold themselves confidently and are never afraid to say what they think.

This confidence is often mistaken as arrogance but it's completely the opposite.

Egos are bred from a desire to get approval from other people.

Those with egos are desperate to feel accepted by others, they want people to look at them and be impressed, they want to be taken notice of because their own self-esteem is so low.

But because Brazilians don't really care what other people think, they don't have egos.

They love themselves, they treat others with respect and they take care of their family and friends.

There's no ego involved with that, it's purely self-love and love for others which drives them through life.

The bottom line is, they have nothing to prove to anybody, and that's exactly what makes them so confident.

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