10 Ways To Be More Confident (Tips From French Women)

1. Embrace Pleasure
French women don't believe in special treats or rewards, they simply indulge themselves when they want to, there doesn't have to be a reason. This gives them built-in confidence to go after what they want and there's never any guilt attached. Guilt is the number one enemy of pleasure, so ditch it and discover how instantly confident it makes you feel.
2. Seek Natural Beauty
Many women find temporary confidence in makeup, changing hairstyles, and expensive cosmetic treatments, but French women prefer the natural look. By embracing their imperfections and focusing on their natural assets, their confidence increases because they are not hiding behind anything false and unreal.
3. Stop Competing
American women often feel competitive with other women and take their confidence from the way other people see them. French women, however, don't care what other people think about them, they prefer to stay true to themselves instead of compromising their integrity for the sake of 'popularity'. As a result, they are much more confident in their skin because the only person they want to impress is themselves.
4. Do What You Love and Love What You Do
French women are famously passionate, and not just in the bedroom. In life, they pursue activities and goals they 'feel' something for, they will not waste time on anything which doesn't give them something back. Following their hearts gives French women their confidence because they're not afraid of failure, they just refuse to have regrets.
5. Perfection Is Boring... 
...And the French get bored very easily. Too many of us waste time trying to look perfect as though beauty is a mask we can paint on when we need it. The French prefer their lovers and friends to have imperfections and flaws because that's what's interesting and this is why they're so confident. Trivialities and superficiality have no place in a French woman's closet.
6. Dress Well
Most French women will have a few items in their closet that fit well, rather than piles of clothes that don't fit or that 'might fit' once they've dieted. French women mix and match and know how to accessorize, and their confidence exudes from an ability to dress simply and stylishly.
7. Learn How To Fall In Love 
The French love to love. They will have numerous love affairs throughout their lives and each experience boosts their confidence because they are not afraid to open up their hearts to adventure. Even if each relationship ends, the French will always embrace the chance to love and lose, over not loving at all.
8. Respect Your body, Respect Yourself
The French don't punish themselves through unrealistic diets or depriving themselves of things they want, whether it's chocolate, an expensive perfume, a random vacation, or an indulgent meal at a Michelin restaurant. They rarely go overboard, but following their heart and respecting their bodies shows in their outward confidence.
9. Learn To Say No
French women find their confidence early on in life by learning to say no to things they think are a waste of time. Saying no is empowering and will automatically command respect from your peers, friends, co-workers, and lovers. Life is too short to waste on indulging the whims of others or working a job you hate. Learning to say no gives you control of your life and the confidence to live it the way you want.
10. Find Your Secret Garden
When a French woman feels low or goes through a break-up, she doesn't wallow in it. Instead, she takes herself away to her own private place and does something to restore her strength and move forward. It could be meditating in her bedroom, reading a book in her favorite cafe or library, just somewhere she can be with herself for a while and reconnect with her emotions. This time-out restores her confidence until she's ready to re-engage with everyday life, an hour later than normal, and no one will be any the wiser. 

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